The secret to eliminating hunger pangs

There is a battle being waged inside your body – a battle between two hormones. One tells your brain your body is full – the other insists that your body is starving. Your poor, confused brain is stuck in the middle.

>How can I make these hormones work together?

It’s strange to think that so much of our lives are controlled by our hormones, but it’s true. Your daily mood, your energy, even your weight is influenced by these little wonders.

When we’re in balance, our hormones are our best friends – working to keep us in harmony.

But when we’re IMBALANCED, our hormones can go haywire… and drag us down with them.

For example: You have a hormone that tells your brain that your body is full. This signals your mind to stop eating.

But your mind can actually grow resistant to this hormone. And even worse, you’ve got another hormone that keeps telling your brain “Hey, we’re starving down here!”

This cycle continue to grow worse as fat cells produce more of these hormones. This causes many people to put on more and more weight… all the while feeling hungrier.

Friends, we can prevent this awful downward spiral. We can get our hormones under control.

And it’s pretty easy to do, once you know the trick.

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Remember, we’re in this together.
Everlyn J.Ross

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