3 Tips for Keeping Your Motivation to Lose Weight

3 Tips for Keeping Your Motivation to Lose Weight

When starting a weight loss plan motivation and commitment levels are high but as days and weeks pass the motivation to lose weight rapidly declines.

Staying committed to a weight loss and fitness plan is not easy but there are things you can do to recharge your motivation and keep you on track.

Listed below are three simple ways to keep your motivation to lose weight.

Stay Focused on Your Why

Focusing on why you decided to lose weight is a great way to help refocus on the reason you made the commitment to lose weight.  There was something within you that made you decide now was the right time to get healthy and lose weight.
Go back to that moment when you made the decision and focus on what it was that was strong enough to make you start your weight loss journey.
If the reason you had is not enough to make you want to keep going, then it isn’t strong enough.  You need to dig deeper and find the one thing that will keep you going despite all obstacles.
The why that you come up with has to be so strong that you would not even consider quitting before hitting your goal.

Read Motivational Books and Other People’s Success Stories

Reading motivational books and the stories of others who have successfully lost weight can help give you the reassurance needed to keep moving forward.
Find a person who has lost weight that you admire or identify with and remind yourself if they can do it so can you.
Success stories like these can help give you the motivation for losing weight that you need along your journey.
Another way to keep motivation levels running high is to compile motivational quotes and phrases that you relate to and put them in places where they are visible throughout the day.

Reward Yourself for Results

As you hit milestones on your journey it is important to acknowledge your accomplishments and reward yourself for hitting goals.
If your goal is to lose thirty pounds you should be rewarding yourself along the way instead of waiting to lose all thirty pounds.  A way to make this easier is to break your large goal down into several mini goals such as losing six pounds per month for the next five months.
Simple things like this can be instrumental in keeping you motivated and excited about achieving your goal.
Setting and reaching small goals will keep you engaged and remind you that you are on the right track.
When utilized on a regular basis these suggestions can give you the push you need to stay on track and help maintain your motivation to lose weight.
All the best,
Everlyn J.ross

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